These are small, 8-page books limited to 50 copies and are printed in my studio on my inkjet printers. They are 8½" high by 10½" wide and are bound with thread and feature a handmade cover. The pages are printed with archival inks on 100% cotton book-weight paper.

The Vessel is a 16-story, 150-foot-high, funnel-shaped structure of connected staircases located between the buildings of the Hudson Yards complex in New York City. It has 154 flights, 80 landings, and a total of 2500 steps that start at its 50-foot-wide base and end at its 150-foot-wide apex. I decided to photograph the structure with a fisheye lens and to render the images to a high contrast black and white to emphasize the latticework of the interconnecting staircases and the sheen of the copper-clad steps. Some of the images remind me of an Escher stairwell lithograph.

8 pages, 6 photographs
$35 + $7.75 Priority Mail shipping to U.S. addresses

In use as a burial ground since the late 18th century, the most striking feature of the churchyard of the Unitarian Church in Charleston, South Carolina is its lush overgrowth and moss-draped oaks. Vegetation is left to grow wild as a symbol of life even after death. The early Unitarians saw death as a natural life passage to be welcomed as a reunion with nature and a blending forever with the elements. They created a garden where both the living and dead could mingle with nature.

8 pages, 7 photographs
$35+ $7.75 Priority Mail shipping to U.S. addresses